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About HRC

To elaborate, the mission of HRC is to promote and conserve the mental health of the people of Edgar and Clark counties. HRC strives to prevent conditions that contribute to substance abuse and symptoms of mental illness as well as barriers to achieving a high quality of life for those who have disabilities. HRC advocates for those we serve to participate in every aspect of society.
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Helping People Help Themselves

HRC raises community awareness of mental health, substance use, and disability challenges and the stigma related to each. Through its comprehensive programming, HRC strives to enable those served, including people struggling with substance abuse, disabilities, and symptoms of mental illness, to reach their optimal level of independence and functioning regardless of age, race, creed, sex, color, or ability to pay for services.

HRC has 5 primary locations:

  • Community Mental Health Clinic and Substance Use Treatment Center at the Life Center at 745 E. Court St., PO Box 1118, Paris, IL 61944 and the Forsythe Center at 406 N. Second St., PO Box 278, Marshall, IL 62441.
  • HRC’s corporate headquarters and primary location of services for people who have disabilities are operated out of HRC’s 753 E. Court St., Paris, IL 61944. The commercial laundry and janitorial operations are also hosted from this location.
  • Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) group home is operated in Paris, IL.
  • Finally, HRC provides the janitorial and groundskeeping services at the West Bound I-70 Rest Area located in Marshall, IL 62441.
Our team

Meet Our Team

HRC has over 85 staff members providing services throughout Edgar and Clark counties in IL. Staff members include but are not limited to Direct Support Professionals, Certified Recovery Support Professionals, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, Qualified Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Professionals, Qualified Mental Health Professionals, Mental Health Professionals, and Recovery Support Aides.

Jonathan Burns

Executive Director, HRC Administration
Jonathan Burns is the Executive Director of HRC, having started his tenure in 2007 as a Case Manager and Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional in the Rehabilitation Services department. He advanced to become the Director of Continuous Quality Improvement, earning his SHRM- Certified Professional credential in 2015, before taking on the role of Executive Director in 2019. With a bachelor's degree in Criminology and a minor in creative writing from Indiana State University, Jonathan brings a wealth of professional experience in human resources, business administration, leadership, ethics, quality assurance, benefits administration, management, case management, and working with individuals with various mental health issues. As the head administrator of HRC, he is accountable to a 12-person volunteer board of directors, representing Edgar and Clark county residents. Jonathan's deep-rooted passion for helping people is what drives him to make a positive impact in their lives.

Alison Williams

Director of Operations at HRC
Alison Williams is the Director of Operations at HRC, having earned a Master’s Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from Eastern Illinois University in 2000. Since joining HRC as a Mental Health Case Manager, she has held various roles over the past two decades and gained a diverse set of skills and expertise. Currently, she oversees HRC's three major programs: Rehabilitation Services, Outpatient Treatment Services, and Prevention. Alison manages a team of staff members and is actively engaged in grant-related activities, including submitting proposals, managing budgets, and reporting. As a lifelong resident of Edgar County, Alison takes pride in her work at HRC and is passionate about the difference they make in people's lives. Working alongside her colleagues is both a source of joy and fulfillment.

Kay Dodd

Finance Director at HRC
Kay Dodd is the Finance Director at HRC, having been a dedicated member of the Business Office staff since 2005. With over four decades of professional experience in finance since 1980, Kay is a seasoned expert in her field. Beyond her professional life, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, particularly her grandchildren, and honing her culinary skills while watching movies.

Dustin Melton

President of the Foundation’s Board of Directors
Mr. Melton has been a member of the HRC Foundation’s Board of Directors since it was founded in 2017.

Darrin Johnson

Vice President of the Foundation’s Board of Directors
Mr. Johnson has also been a member of the HRC Foundation’s Board of Directors since it was founded in 2017.

Nolan Longest

Secretary of the Foundation’s Board of Directors
Mr. Longest has been a member of the HRC Foundation’s Board of Directors since it was founded in 2017.

Ollie Smith

Treasurer of the Foundation’s Board of Directors
Mr. Smith has also been a member of the HRC Foundation’s Board of Directors since it was founded in 2017.

Linda Lane

Member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors
Mrs. Lane has been a member of the HRC Foundation’s Board of Directors since it was founded in 2017.

Erin Frank

Member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors
Mrs. Frank joined the HRC Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2018.


“The services I received at HRC has helped me to regain hope and believe that recovery is possible. The encouragement and support I received has helped me to gain employment and have a belief in a better future.”
April Dryden
“HRC helps me get through the day. I come in feeling stress and sadness. After talking to one of the RSS who listen to my problems when it is time to leave I feel better. I hope to live my life without stress and worries. I just want to be happy. I don’t know what I would do without the support of HRC”.
Harriet Graves
“I greatly enjoy coming to this group. I enjoy sharing with others and learning from each other”.
Senior Wellness Group Member
“HRC has given me the tools to deal with my depression and anxiety. I am hopeful and have the will to live. I see the light instead of the darkness.”
Patsy King
“I especially like the peer-led group sessions. Knowing the facilitator has experienced some of the same things I have gives me a measure of comfort and hope. Their understanding comes from their own life experiences. They’ve seen through it too. Through sharing experiences with each other, I get much needed validation. I stopped drinking for the first time in over 20 years. Prior to attending sessions at HRC I was never able to stop for more than a few days at a time.”

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