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Our Programs and Services

HRC is a nonprofit agency supported by donations, grants, property taxes, investments, and billable services. We provide evidence-based prevention, crisis, mental health and substance use treatment, community educational opportunities, rehabilitation, recovery, pre-employment training, community integrated day services and group home services for people who have developmental disabilities, employment placement, and wellness services from multiple sites in Edgar and Clark Counties.
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Mental Health First AID
National Council for Mental Webllbeing


“The services I received at HRC has helped me to regain hope and believe that recovery is possible. The encouragement and support I received has helped me to gain employment and have a belief in a better future.”
April Dryden
“HRC helps me get through the day. I come in feeling stress and sadness. After talking to one of the RSS who listen to my problems when it is time to leave I feel better. I hope to live my life without stress and worries. I just want to be happy. I don’t know what I would do without the support of HRC”.
Harriet Graves
“I greatly enjoy coming to this group. I enjoy sharing with others and learning from each other”.
Senior Wellness Group Member
“I love the fact of having a safe place to talk about issues. It helps me to relieve the stress of everyday life. It helps me get the support that I need. I like being with others who understand myneeds and feelings”.
Becky Davison
“HRC has given me the tools to deal with my depression and anxiety. I am hopeful and have the will to live. I see the light instead of the darkness.”
Patsy King
Payment for Services

What Is the Cost of the Services?

HRC is the primary provider of such services for people who have Medicaid while also providing services to people who have private insurances. HRC offers assistance including reduced fees for individuals who have an inability to pay for services.
Payment for Services

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All HRC services are designed to assist individuals and families to be more independent, healthy, and resilient. Contact us to learn more!
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