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Support HRC of Edgar and Clark Counties: Donate or Become a Volunteer
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HRC welcomes general monetary donations and accepts restricted monetary donations on a case-by-case basis. As a nonprofit organization, HRC relies on generous people like you to advance our work. With your support, HRC is able to provide quality human services to individuals regardless of their ability to pay for services.
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Monetary and Nonmonetary Contributions

HRC’s Donation Policies
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You Can Make a Difference

Donors often restrict their donations to use on one of the following specific causes:

  • Services for People who have Disabilities
  • Mental Health ServicesSubstance Abuse/Addiction
  • Treatment Services
  • Residential Services (group home and assistance to individuals who live in their own apartments)
  • Clark County Services
  • Edgar County Services
  • Vehicles (We currently raising money for an SUV for use in all departments)
  • Children’s Services
  • Provider Development Fund (money used for training and certifications)
  • Drug Prevention Education Programs

HRC is a tax-exempt organization under  501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, consequently donations made to HRC are typically tax deductible.


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All HRC services are designed to assist individuals and families to be more independent, healthy, and resilient. Contact us to learn more!
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