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Our Mission: Helping People Help Themselves through

Exceptional Human Service and Community Collaboration


For over 45 years the Human Resources Center (HRC) has provided vital mental health treatment and rehabilitation services to the people of Edgar and Clark Counties, enabling hundreds of individuals each year to gain and retain employment and a better quality of life. HRC’s governing body and staff continue to develop innovative programs and service delivery systems tailored to the unique assets and challenges associated with the geography and demographics of the region. Employing over 170 individuals and generating $3.8 million in revenue annually, HRC provides a significant boost to the local economy while its comprehensive programs continue to enhance public safety and improve community and workforce health.

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Recognized throughout Illinois as a model for successful community service innovation and adaptation, HRC’s collaborative approaches continue to evolve in response to the dramatic changes in the health care industry and the health and care access challenges confronting rural communities. The Affordable Care Act, federal and state care coordination mandates, advances in behavioral health science research, an emphasis on whole health, and the emergence of  “co-located and integrated care” as a best practice model have given rise to a new vision for HRC and where and how its services will be provided.

The benefits of providing integrated services under one roof are proving to be significant. Patients are able to gain access to all services vital to their treatment and recovery in a timelier manner, reducing lost work time and increasing their engagement and adherence to treatment. Care coordination and follow-up are greatly enhanced, and individual and family needs are addressed in a more coordinated and comprehensive manner. There is growing evidence that integrated and coordinated care is less expensive and more effective in the long run than traditional health models.

Through its Foundations of Wellness campaign, HRC is refocusing its vision for a healthier tomorrow for Clark and Edgar Counties:

The vision for all mental health providers must be to provide services which are quality-driven, cost effective, person and family-centered, and evidence-based.

HRC is developing an integrated network of “high tech and high touch” health resources throughout Edgar and Clark Counties .

HRC is striving to be an “Integrated Health Center of Excellence,” providing easy access, a culture of wellness and engagement, comprehensive services, and exceptional outcomes.

HRC is focusing on Holistic Care and developing the service connections that matter most:

    •      In caring for the whole person, the service network connections will enhance access and boost community supports throughout Clark and Edgar Counties.
    •      In caring for the whole person, a new “Health Resources Center”—the hub of the network, will facilitate the coordination of primary and behavioral healthcare.


HRC’s integrated, holistic health services will provide timely access to the comprehensive and individualized care vital for effective treatment and recovery.

Wellness is not merely the absence of disease, illness or stress; it is the presence of purpose in life, active involvement in satisfying work and play, joyful relationships, a healthy body and living environment, and happiness. Wellness means overall well-being.

It incorporates the mental, emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. It is the goal of HRC’s Foundations of Wellness Campaign to acquire the resources needed to ensure that everyone in Edgar and Clark County has access to the right care, at the right time, in the right setting through enhanced technology and an integrated network of coordinated service connections.

The Campaign ($2.6 million):

$2 million Health Resources Center in Paris 

Located on the campus of Paris Community Hospital

8,717 square foot building with access to medical services

Mental healthcare integrated with primary care and recovery support staff.

Examination rooms and tele-health capabilities

Transformative crisis intervention services

$260,000 Laundry Upgrades

$250,000 Electronic Health Record & Infrastructure

$50,000 Office space in Martinsville/Casey

Infrastructure and leasehold modifications

Tele-health equipment

$40,000 Facility upgrade in Marshall

Exterior enhancements

Interior renovations

To achieve our goal, it is extremely important for our friends, neighbors, and community stakeholders to participate in the campaign. Please join us in this vital mental health care transformation and help us ensure that accessible, high quality mental health services are available to the people of Clark and Edgar Counties.


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